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Showing: YES 
2hr 02mins, Start Date: 19-09-2019
Adventure, Drama, Mystery | Rated: PG-13
Staring: Brad Pitt, Liv Tyler, Tommy Lee Jones

"Astronaut Roy McBride undertakes a mission across an unforgiving solar system to uncover the truth about his missing father and his doomed expedition that now, 30 years later, threatens the universe."

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CINEMAS 8 (Trincity):
1:05 PM, 3:50 PM, 6:35 PM, 9:20 PM
CINEMAS 10 (San Fernando):
(4DX) 11:55 AM, 2:40 PM, 5:25 PM
(CXC) 1:05 PM, 3:50 PM, 6:35 PM, 9:20 PM
Thur 19th - Tue 24th Sept: 2:15 pm, 5:15 pm, 8:15 pm. Early show Sat & Sun: 11:15 pm. Late shows: Fri & Sat: 11:10 pm.
MOVIETOWNE (Chaguanas)
Thur 19th - Tue 24th Sept: 5:30pm, 8:30pm. Early show Sat & Sun: 11:30am, 2:30pm.
MOVIETOWNE (San Fernando)
Thur 19th - Tue 24th Sept: 5:15pm, 8:15pm. Early show Sat & Sun: 11:15am, 2:15pm
Thur 19th - Tue 24th Sept: 4:45pm, 7:45pm, Late show Fri & Sat: 10:30pm
Digicel IMAX (P.O.S)
(IMAX) Thur: 5:30pm, 8:15pm
Fri: 7:15pm, 10:00pm
Sat, Sun & Mon: 7:00pm, 9:45pm
Tue: 5:00pm, 7:45pm

(4DX) Thur & Mon: 6:30pm
Fri: 4:00pm, 6:45pm
Sat, Sun & Tue: 3:30pm, 6:15pm

(Gemstone) Thur: 7:40pm
Fri & Mon: 10:20pm
Sat: 2:15pm, 10:20pm
Sun: 1:15pm, 9:20pm
Tue: 9:20pm
Empire (San Fernando):
[ No Shows ]
[ No Shows ]
NATIONAL (San Fernando)
[ No Shows ]

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